Jon Toppen

Co-Founder, Tapestry Development Group


Real estate prices in Atlanta are at all-time highs. Affordable rental housing is becoming nearly impossible to find. Recognizing a desperate need for more inexpensive housing options, Jon Toppen founded the non-profit organization Tapestry Development Group.

Specializing in creative problem-solving to develop affordable rental housing, Tapestry Group initiates and manages the entire process of opening affordable multi-unit housing complexes, from preparing financing applications to coordinating development.

“We utilize an array of expertise to secure multi-layered financing from both the public and private sectors,” said Toppen.  “Public and private financing options include Low Income Housing Tax Credits, Historic Tax Credits, HOME funds, CDBG funds, FHA debt financing and more.”

Once financing is secured, Tapestry will either sell credits to investors, or in select cases, develop, own and manage the complex themselves.

As Atlanta experiences continued growth, Toppen is proud for Tapestry to aid in the dispersion of affordable housing throughout the city, aiming to quell the concerns of citizens who attribute crime to high-density, low-income neighborhoods.

Introduced to Decatur CoWorks by member, Frank Burdette, Toppen acknowledges that it was the sense of community that first appealed to him. This was especially apparent to us at last month’s cornhole tournament, when he took home the “Cornhole Cup.”

“Because Tapestry is a small shop, Decatur CoWorks is perfect because I don’t have to worry about things like day-to-day supplies,” said Toppen. “As a small company it’s also great to have other people around!”

Toppen is former member of a bluegrass band and a world-famous pancake chef. In fact, his pancake repertoire includes over 20 recipes!

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