Laura Quade

Member Relations Assocaite, Decatur CoWorks


Laura Quade is Decatur CoWorks’ newest staff member. As a Member Relations Associate, she is available to assist members and represent CoWorks in the community. 

Born and raised in Decatur, Quade has always been fascinated by the unique convergence of southern sprawl and urban life that Atlanta offers. Her interest in cultural geography led her to earn a bachelor’s degree in Anthropology from Georgia State University.

Quade channels her love of culture into many outlets ranging from traveling abroad to non-profit work. She is a board member of the Pillyr Foundation, an organization centered around delivering artistic and functional community projects that cultivate vibrant public space within Atlanta’s neighborhoods.

“I was drawn to coworking because I see the same tight knit community dynamics that I experienced while traveling abroad,” said Quade. “With my time at Decatur CoWorks, I hope to continue developing the community that already exists here by increasing collaboration opportunities.”

Prior to joining CoWorks, Quade was a swim team coach at Venetian Pools, she coached the 6 and the 8 and under teams. Expect the 2024 Summer Olympic swim team to be comprised of kids who began their careers with Laura! 

She can be reached at: