Lachlan Brown

CEO, Growth Consultant, Stradyx Inc.


As consumers, we’re continually exposed to advertising. For marketers, the million-dollar question is which types of advertising most effectively generate sales. Lachlan Brown is dedicated to answering that question for companies of all sizes.

In 2017, Brown founded Stradyx, a marketing technology and analytics consulting firm that works both with agencies to grow their client relationships, and directly with advertisers to measurably grow the bottom line. To accomplish this, he uses a variety of tools and processes to measure how both paid, earned, and owned media generate ROI, both individually and when sales result from brand exposures across multiple channels, ads, etc. This is known as marketing or multi-touch attribution.

“There are very expensive attribution software platforms out there, but most have two fundamental problems,” said Brown. “First, it’s impossible to digitally track all the ways consumers interact with a brand’s advertising and assets, which means any one system is working with incomplete data. And second, there’s a ton of work from a process and technical standpoint that needs to happen on the client’s side before investing in a 3rd party attribution solution, where subscriptions can run well into the 6-figures annually. Often there are quick wins to be had in this preliminary phase with measurable ROI that solve major headaches for clients.”

Stradyx bridges the gap between the client and the software companies to deliver a single source of data to marketing managers and executives. Most of the company’s clients are mid-sized B2B and B2C companies.

“Atlanta is a great place to be for digital marketing firms. Thankfully, I found a coworking space that suits my needs in one of Atlanta’s best neighborhoods,” he said. “Being a true self-funded start-up, Decatur CoWorks provides a flexible office space that keeps me accountable. I’m much more likely to be focused here than in any room of my house.”

When he’s not working, Brown is likely to be found spending time with his wife and two kids, playing guitar or handcrafting Halloween costumes out of cardboard. In fact, this year he created the mask and gloves of a dementor, a cloaked prison guard from the Harry Potter series.

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