Alex Young

Director of Business Development, Pixels


Alex Young’s career path was changed forever after a night out in New York City with the CEO of one of the world’s largest online art and photography markets.

Young was working for a wall art printing company based in Norcross, GA, when he flew to New York to meet the CEO of Pixels, a prospective client. The two became instant friends after a night in the Big Apple. Five years later, Young is the Director of Business Development for Pixels.

As one of the world's largest online art marketplaces, artists upload their work to the Pixels site and receive a portion of the profits for every purchase. Artists from all over the world have uploaded more than 20,000,000 images to Pixels. Customers log in and choose a photo to be printed on a canvas, throw pillow, greeting card, iPhone case or one of many apparel items. Pixels then sends the order to one of 16 partner printing facilities around the country. Customers receive their orders printed and ready to use.

“I do a little bit of everything. Most of my time is spent managing our 16 partner print facilities and balancing order volume across printing locations,” said Young. “I’m also responsible for website functionality, order rendering, managing our customer care team and, of course, business development.”

Prior to his time at Pixels, Young held a high-level position at a major ticket brokerage firm. In fact, he developed and executed a marketing strategy that turned the ticket company into one of the largest NASCAR brokerages in the nation.

“I never worked at home before working at Pixels. I was going crazy alone at home. I needed more discipline. Now that I’m a Decatur CoWorks member, I get to work early so I can park in my favorite parking spot,” said Young.  “The feeling of having an office and working community has been amazing. I didn’t realize how much my productivity was suffering.”

As a self-proclaimed adrenaline junkie, Young is an experienced SCUBA diver and skydiver. He is also an avid runner, currently training for a 100-mile race. No, that’s not a typo; he’s actually going to run 100 miles at once. His goal is to complete the race in 26 hours.