Margaret "Max" Ruthenberg-Marshall

Family Lawyer, The Ruthenberg-Marshall Law Firm



The daughter of two lawyers, Margaret “Max” Ruthenberg-Marshall never pictured herself pursuing a career in law. But after seeing firsthand how the law can help people, she found a home in family law. To advocate for clients in all types of family law cases, Max launched The Ruthenberg-Marshall Law Firm.

“The definition of family and society has grown and expanded in multiple ways, but many law firms haven’t caught up,” she says. “We see clients whose needs aren’t always well served.”

The attorneys at The Ruthenberg-Marshall Law Firm deal with family law for the modern family. Max works with divorce, legitimations, adoptions, modifications of custody and child support. She also serves as a guardian ad litem, the court’s witness in determining the best interests for a child.

Max grew up in Maryland, just outside of Washington, D.C. She attended the University of Maryland for her undergraduate degree, then attended The George Washington University Law School. After law school, Max moved to San Francisco for about a year before relocating to Atlanta.

Prior to becoming a Decatur CoWorks member, Max occasionally used other coworking spaces, as needed. Now she has a private office in Decatur CoWorks where she can see clients and work. She feels the environment and location in the heart of downtown Decatur are beneficial for her clients.

In her spare time, Max likes to bake cupcakes and experiment with new recipes. She also is a swimmer and participates in Swim Across America, which raises money for cancer prevention, research, and treatment. She maintains a strong commitment to pro bono work. Max feels it is important to give back to her community, so she takes several cases each year through the Atlanta Volunteer Lawyers Foundation and the DeKalb Volunteer Lawyers Foundation for victims who cannot afford representation.

Max’s ideal collaborator would be someone who also deals with people at times of transition, such as counselors and therapists. She connects with financial advisors because they see clients at those moments where they are making decisions regarding how to structure or re-structure their family.

Max has a deep passion for the legal profession and advises new attorneys to find an area of law they love. She feels that it's important for everyone to do something that gets them energized.

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