Cameron Childress

Founder and President, Sumo Consulting



During the time Cameron Childress worked with a tech start-up, the “Dot-com boom” changed his career trajectory, so he embarked on something new. In 2002, Childress founded Sumo Consulting, a custom software development company.

“We fill a niche of custom software solutions that a lot of other companies do not. Many other companies use off-the-shelf software, such as WordPress,” said Childress. “We build custom software tailored to the individuals’ needs.”

Sumo works with a multitude of industries, such as government, entertainment, biotechnology, medicine, and education. In 2003, Sumo helped Turner Sports re-launch from the ground up. They’ve also worked on a number of projects for universities such as Emory University, Baylor University and NYU. One of the company's long-term projects is helping to build practice management software for therapists and mental health professionals, which addresses issues concerning medical information and HIPAA.

Prior to joining Decatur CoWorks, Childress had never tried coworking. He worked from home and missed the social interaction of an office environment. Now, he has a private office where he can focus on work, which has helped maintain his work-life balance.

Hailing from Stone Mountain, Georgia, Childress got his start majoring in Finance at Berry College. After a few months in the financial world, he decided to instead pursue his heavy interest in technology.

Childress has a one-year-old son and a four-year-old daughter. He spends most of his free time with his family, enjoying the Decatur restaurants and walking the Atlanta Beltline. Because he is technology-focused, Childress is interested in collaborating with creative-types, such as user interface designers.

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