With an infinite number of brands to choose from, Decatur CoWorks members Chad Wallace and Matt Barth knew they could leverage “experiences” in a unique way to create a valuable connection between customers and companies. Thus, Experiential Marketing Partners was launched in December of 2015.

Experiential marketing focuses on real-time, interactive activities that bring brands to life for consumers. 

“With every experiential campaign, we think about how to elicit an action that will carry the brand’s message along. The experience needs to create a lasting memory that translates into customers posting on social media and telling their friends and ultimately creating relationships with the brand,” said Wallace.

Barth added that experiential is more dynamic than static. It’s about creating a two-way conversation as opposed to being told. The key to a campaign’s success is creating a space for these conversations where consumers already organically congregate like at concerts, festivals and even on the streets. 

“Having a workspace that inspires creativity is essential to providing our clients with experiential campaigns that are as unique as they are. Decatur CoWorks’ range of workspace flexibility stimulates ideas and keeps our perspective fresh,” said Barth.  

As active fathers of young kids, Barth and Wallace fully embrace outdoor experiences with their families, from camping and kayaking to skiing and playing sports. Barth’s love of sports, particularly soccer, led him to join a soccer club with many of his buddies.

“We’re actually a drinking club with a soccer problem,” he said.

For more information about Experiential Marketing Partners, visit http://expmarketingpartners.com/

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