Kim Finnegan

Managing Partner, Property Works

Owner, Decatur CoWorks


Four years ago, an opportunity to buy a former flower shop, located at 708 Church St, next to her existing business, presented itself to Kim Finnegan. Without hesitation, she decided to go for it. The building was initially purchased as a real estate investment, but after multiple brainstorming sessions, the idea to convert it into a coworking space emerged.

“Decatur has such a strong emphasis on community, so it only made sense to open a business that shares that same philosophy,” said Finnegan.

Finnegan spent the majority of her career in the commercial real estate industry. In 2002, she bought the company she was working for at the time, Property Works, a commercial lease management firm that uses a proprietary software platform and team of experts to streamline clients lease portfolios.  Since the buyout, she has served as Managing Partner and CEO.

Leadership is nothing new to Finnegan. She held high-level positions at a variety of companies, including the Parkhurst Group and the Walt Disney Company. Her background encompasses a wide scope of experience, from running a commercial and residential real estate brokerage, to leading a retail and office property management group.

Volunteering has always been a major component of Finnegan’s life. She is a board member of the 501©3 organization, “Making Your Business Les Cayes, Haiti” an organization that provides education and funding to aspiring Haitian Entrepreneurs. She also is the head of her church’s outreach committee, as well as the leader of her daughter’s girl scout troop.

Kim Earned her BSBA of real estate from American University’s Kogod School of Business, and an MBA in Business from Rivier College.

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