The marketing umbrella has never had more under it than it does today. From sales and e-commerce to technology and fulfillment, what used to be simple and clear has now become increasingly fragmented and specialized. Realizing businesses need help putting these pieces and tools together, Jon Eggleton applied his passion for marketing, e-commerce and all things digital toward starting his own business, Traktion, with fellow Managing Partner, Ryan Woolley.

Launched in July 2017, Traktion’s team develops strategies for the evolving digital world based on the direction of the economy. Clients turn to Traktion when they are looking to build a modern marketing team, find new customers, retain old ones, or create a totally new channel. Many of Traktion’s clients are in the e-commerce, health care and financial technology industries.

““From a digital standpoint, marketing is incredibly specialized; there is a unique platform for every aspect. For business owners all the options can be overwhelming, so that’s where we come in,” said Eggleton. “Simply put, Traktion aims to fill the gaps between strategy and execution.”

As a father of two, Eggleton enjoys the flexibility his work provides. Both Eggleton and Woolley consider Decatur CoWorks as a “home base.” having started out working from home.

“Decatur CoWorks provides the flexibility I need as a father and a business owner. In addition, my membership allows me to tap into a community of experts also working at Decatur CoWorks,” said Eggleton.

When he’s not spending time with his family or at work, Eggleton can be found running through Piedmont Park preparing for his next road race. In fact, he competes in at least 8 road races per year. As an Ohio native, Eggleton also enjoys talking Cleveland sports while tasting craft beers.

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