Wendy Watkins

Founder: Mind, Body & Business with Wendy Watkins


Mind, Body & Business a coaching company created by Wendy Watkins, helps entrepreneurs achieve their lofty goals. The basis of Watkins’ strategies includes a focus on goal-oriented planning, a strong optimistic mindset and self-care techniques.  

Before Watkins founded Mind, Body & Business, she knew a clear success plan was needed to transform her strengths and passions into a business. After reflecting on what gives her life meaning and purpose, Watkins combined her skills as an author, speaker and coach to create her own unique company.

“My success plan included a clear vision of big picture goals, my unique definition of success and the strategies that helped me reach my goals,” said Watkins. “Ensuring client comfort is a key part of my success strategy, thanks to the warmth and flexibility of Decatur CoWorks. I can choose between a variety of different atmospheres under one roof to find one that best meets my client’s individual needs.”

To maintain a “flourishing” quality of life, Watkins enjoys reading, the outdoors, live music, sharing good food with friends and spending time with family. When she needs to give friends or family gifts, she relies on her creativity and crafting skills. If you’re expecting a gift from her this holiday season, make room for a beautiful bouquet of felt flowers! 

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