Heather Bruno

Director of Southern Business Development, Lefroy Brooks


As Director of Southern Business Development for Lefroy Brooks, Heather Bruno utilizes a variety of technology products to conduct business. Lefroy Brooks is a luxury plumbing and fixture manufacturer for residential and commercial clients which range from hotels and offices to high-end homes. Because Bruno’s scope of work includes building relationships, managing projects and traveling across country, she understands that proper implementation of technology is essential to performing her duties.

Employing technology, Bruno scours online lists of prospective projects to identify potential target clients. Once a target has been identified from the list, it is added into a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system which streamlines and tracks the relationship building process. After a target becomes a client, their project is added into a separate platform that stores projects, tracks inventory and facilitates communication across multiple departments of the company throughout the life of the project. Technology even aids Bruno when she travels for business. She uses a receipt tracker application on her phone that allows her to document, store and report her expenses expediting the  reimbursement process.

“Access to software platforms is essential to fulfilling my responsibilities, and Decatur CoWorks provides the Wi-Fi and resources I need to utilize each platform,” said Bruno.  “And when there is a technical issue on my end, the CoWorks team is there to help.”

As a form of stress relief, Bruno loves to go antiquing and restore furniture. In fact, before moving to Atlanta, she used to run her own restored furniture market in the warehouse district of Chicago. When she’s not spending time with her two children, she can be found in her vegetable garden or turning pages of a murder mystery novel.


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