Doug Park

President, Douglas Park Law


When Doug Park founded his law firm, Douglas Park Law, he knew the first order of business was finding new clients. With most of his time focused on developing the core functions of the firm, Park understood that every networking initiative he took needed to have a clear objective. 

Douglas Park Law specializes in providing start-up and growth companies with sophisticated transactional legal advice, ranging from technology licensing to mergers. With a background as in-house council for an international, publicly-traded company, Park brings expertise useful to companies of all sizes. Because his client base is entirely referral-driven, Park employs a clear networking strategy for every group he joins.

“When I am considering a networking group, I ask myself, ‘How can I get in front of as many perspective clients as possible,’” said Park. “Think about who works with your ideal client. For me that includes tech consultants, CPA’s and other attorneys. This way I am exposing myself to 10 perspective clients at once rather than one at a time. Another point to remember is that referral sources work both ways, I am continually looking for clients that I can refer to my referral sources.”

Park is a member or many local and international networking groups, including Business Networking Inc, Decatur Rotary, American Constitution Society and Atlanta Mobile Marketing Society. 

“Decatur CoWorks provides a unique opportunity for random encounters with professionals who provide unique insight,” said Park. “The CoWorks location is great because it’s just a 5-minute walk from Decatur Square, which makes an excellent meet-up spot for perspective clients and friends.”

As a father, Park enjoys spending time with his children. He is also an avid reader and college football fan (Roll Tide).

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