Jordan Cohen

Founder, President Firebrand Apparel Group


When Jordan Cohen launched his own apparel company, Firebrand, he knew he needed to spend as much time on the core of his business as possible. He understood that properly managing the finances of his new business was a full-time responsibility that could not be tackled alone.

Firebrand is a wholesale apparel company that sells to retail chains. Founded in August 2016, the company now employs four full time staff members including a finance expert. Cohen waited only one month after launching his company to bring on financial expertise, freeing up valuable time for the core functions of the business.

“To anyone who is getting ready to start a business of their own, I urge you to properly manage your cash flow, because cash flow is everything! Tools like Zoho Book’s cash flow analysis are extremely helpful,” said Cohen. “Only add new overhead if it’s absolutely necessary; make sure every expense is justified and makes financial sense.”    

As his business continued to grow, Cohen continued to expend his financial team and tools. Firebrand now uses the Zoho suite which offers not only a bookkeeping platform but also a CRM, HR and project management tool. Cohen is now in a position where he can review key financial performance indicators and make strategic decisions, without having to sink the majority of his time into tasks like tracking invoices.

“Decatur CoWorks makes financial sense because of the flexibility and no long-term commitments,” said Cohen. “Time I would normally spend buying ink, toner and office supplies is time that I now spend driving revenue.”

As a veteran, Cohen partners with VETLANTA, a local veterans group, and Bunker Labs, an incubator for Vet-run start-ups. In his spare time, he enjoys spending time with his children and supporting Atlanta United Football Club and Tottenham Hotspur Football Club, a British Premier League team.

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