Images that often come to mind when thinking about “coworking” likely include industrial lounge areas, abundant caffeine and networking with a host of millennials toting Apple computers. These are indeed prevalent among coworking spaces, however, the real value goes far beyond the stereotype. If you’re thinking about joining a coworking space, or want to take full advantage of your existing membership, consider the following benefits.


  1. Affordability

According to Market Watch, the average cost of office space for one employee in Atlanta is $5,000 per year. This price is based on 200 square feet of office space per employee. When you compare private office rent to coworking memberships, which cost on average $200 per month, the savings are impossible to ignore. According to Nick Clark, a Coworking space owner, businesses with 6 or fewer employees can save up to 75 percent by using a coworking space rather than a private office.


  1. Scalability and Flexibility

Coworking spaces are flexible and suited to accommodate growth. As your business expands and contracts, easily add or cancel memberships. No need to worry about inflexible lease terms come with private offices.

When the need arises for a private space to brainstorm with the team, or meet with a perspective client, easily book an in-house conference room equipped with the technology needed to give a stellar presentation. Never again leave a meeting feeling like nothing was accomplished.


  1. Modern Services

Coworking spaces know entrepreneurs don’t have time to service the copier, keep the Wi-Fi online, stock office supplies and get coffee from a coffee shop every day. That’s why members take ease in having well maintained and stocked equipment at their disposal. When members don’t have to worry about keeping the office running, they have more time to focus on getting work done. Services go beyond just equipping members with everyday tools.  Many spaces offer informative lectures aimed at giving members an advantage in running their businesses.  

If you are currently a member of a coworking space, make sure you are fully utilizing all the resources available to you. Because of strategic alliances formed between coworking spaces and community businesses, members typically have access to discounted services such as professional printing and dry-cleaning. And don’t forget about in-house wellness programs. To get the most value out of your membership be sure to exploit all available services.



  1. Focused atmosphere

With so many distractions around us, it’s easy to lose focus, especially when working out of a home office. Members avoid the inevitable distractions that arise from pets and children at home. Coworking space’s clean lines and lack of clutter allow the mind not to worry about external factors and stay on task.


Whether you’re a startup, freelancer or a remote employee, being surrounded by likeminded people serves as a reminder that others have faced challenges like yours, and succeeded. A supportive environment for entrepreneurs and remote workers is an invaluable resource. If you are undecided about whether a coworking space is right for you, tour a few and speak to the members. You’ll see why entrepreneurs and remote workers alike are trading in their frappuccinos for a dedicated work space.



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