Since the birth of Trey Schwab’s 11-month-old son, his days have started much earlier. By 8 a.m. he has already helped his wife with baby chores and prepared for his workday as a Data & Analytics Specialist for Citibank. To remain effective, however, Schwab has found it necessary to segment his personal and professional lives. That’s where Decatur CoWorks comes in.

“As a Decatur resident, it’s such a pleasure not having to spend an hour plus everyday commuting to Citibank’s office. The CoWorks space is just as effective as being in the office,” said Schwalb. “Because I work with people all over the world, from Chicago to India, I don’t even need to be in the office. And with a baby crawling around, a home office is not an option. Decatur CoWorks is the perfect workspace for my needs, which allows me to be productive.”

Schwalb is integral in Citibank’s big data-driven approach to enhance the services it provides to customers. In his role, he analyzes transactional data form retail credit cards. By deconstructing the data to its most granular level, he can see the big picture and help interpret what that means for his employer's future.

Schwab’s CoWorks membership provides him with the types of workplace efficiencies that allow him to maintain his high-performance style, while still making it home in time to help cook dinner and enjoy evening family time. The way he organizes his week also affords him extra time on the weekends to squeeze in some reading and mountain biking.

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